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Why Is It Important To Exercise During Pregnancy

With the right diet and regular consultations with the doctor, for a healthy pregnancy it is very important to regularly exercise. Certainly the most important condition of prenatal exercises in pregnancy is consulting with a doctor and getting their approval. After getting the thumbs up, the most important thing is expert ...

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New Years Resolution: Get Him A New Hobby!

As the ball drops and the year turns, we are all thinking of the same thing, a new years resolution! While some of us are thinking about diets and exercise, how about a fun new hobby? While it might not be the first thing you think to give the guy ...

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Things To Remember When You Are Planning A Wedding Reception

When it comes to wedding reception there’s always a lot of stuff to consider and prepare beforehand, but some things can easily slip under the radar if you do not pay an extra attention to them. Check our tips for a fun wedding party everyone will be talking about for ...

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5 Amazing US Spots For Romantic Hiking Getaway

A hike can be an amazing experience. The peace of being out in nature, away from the strains of daily life, working your body to a point where it almost become meditative. Then there is that ache that comes by the end, and gets worse the day after. It is ...

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Reboot Your Relationship Ebook

Reboot Your Relationship examines the ways couples could stay together even after so many years of living with each other. There is no secret that the divorce rate in the United States of America is at 50% since it is legal. The book discusses the needs and wants of each ...

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5 Nights to Remember: Fun, Simple, and Cheap Date Ideas

Dating. That one word inspires a plethora of emotions for different people - anxiety, frustration, excitement, and confidence among them. Many shy away from dating because of the financial burden. Luckily though, a great date is not dependent solely on the money you spend. Ideas for dates are plentiful. Some ideas ...

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Five Ideas To Jazz Up A Hen Weekend

A successful hen weekend is all about giving the blushing bride-to-be a weekend to remember. Gathering all her closest female friends and family members in one place to celebrate her impending marriage is a great formula for success in itself but you’ll still want to make it as special as ...

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5 Mental Health Twitter Chats to Monitor

Every year, millions of people all over the world struggle with mental health issues. Depression, lack of rest, lack of inspiration and motivation, PTSD, schizophrenia, eating disorders, phobias and many more conditions effect these lives. Social media has given a valuable resource for establishing a support structure. Not only can you ...

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Honeymoon Hotel Rooms For The Adventurous Couple

There are more than a few strange hotels in the world. Many have been the sites of notable events, like the Gunter in San Antonio, where guitarist Robert Johnson was known to record his music. Others have been the site of ill-timed deaths, such as the Samarkand in England and ...

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Choosing The Perfect Engagement Ring

By Alex Twersky Proposing might be the most important question you ever pop, but before you even get to that pivotal moment, you have to choose the perfect engagement ring. Selecting an engagement ring is no small task because after all, your future bride will be wearing it for a very ...

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